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Foreign companies that are legally established in Brazil can donate up to 2% of their operational profit, or the results from their main and secondary activities and deduct it from the levied taxes.

To do so, the institute must formalize with the company the project that will be granted the donation, following some of the requirements such as the participation of employees and benefits to the community where the company is established or is represented.


Instituto Brasil Solidário (IBS) is a non-profit organization – OSCIP – whose main aim is to develop social programs in less fortunate communities and with low HDI (Human Development Index).

IBS works with continuing intertwined projects in order to promote sustainable territorial development through education providing literacy programs, health, conservation, cultural incentive, credit and entrepreneurship.

All actions are planned specifically for each participating city and school, so that information can be passed on and multiplied by the community by the end of the project-year or the actions .


The projects promoted by Instituto Brasil Solidario are developed based on short-, medium- or long-term objectives.

Continuing results can lead to lasting changes, so the institution’s actions aim to instruct and facilitate the formation of a new Brazilian citizen through commitment, innovation and a change in attitude.

Focused on schooling and education, the programs are conducted in such a way that it facilitates the information exchange between the community and its members, aiming the following results:

- Effective contribution to the educational process by stimulating cultural, educational and professional development through capacity building programs, involving ludic and psychomotor activities;

- Medical work and continuing diagnosis, medical-surgical treatment and follow-up;

- Multiplication of the acquired knowledge taught by IBS professionals to the agents responsible for it in the communities and schools;

- Incentive to local economic development.

Special Projects

IBS also promotes special projects alongside companies, events and non-governmental institutions by offering its expertise to develop social programs anywhere in Brazil.

Instituto Brasil Solidario’s mission is to promote continuing programs and sustainable territorial development related to education, health, conservation and social inclusion and hold these programs up as an example in Brazil and around the world by its excellence, seriousness, quality and reliable results.

We own unique expertise in the country related to social work and a highly prepared team supported by a well-equipped structure, the ability to mobilize communities and innovating methodology in capacity building actions.

The institute is
also committed to
the UN Millennium
Development Goals

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